Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Phil Fishes and I...

... take jumping pictures. They really never get old, do they?

Phil and I hiked up to Francis Lake on one of our last days at the resort. It was a little bit of a blessing in disguise. Phil was up there fishing a few days before and left his fishing net. I had been wanting to make the hike but just never got around to it this season. So, since we he to go up there anyway, I thought, "Hey! this will be my first and last hike up there for the season!"

The hike isn't too long, it takes about an hour but its mostly uphill. When we got there I was pretty warmed up but once Phil got settled in and started fishing that morning chill began to creep up on me. I stretched, walked around a little, enjoyed the views. But then I started to get cold and my creative genius kicked in and I though, jumping pictures!

Before long I was sweating my ass off and completely out of breath. It was great.

Francis Lake proved to be yet again a very difficult lake to catch a fish in. Phil left with out a bite but it definitely WAS worth the trip. How else could I have gotten all these great pictures? We will see you again next season Francis.

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