Thursday, August 8, 2013

Clarks Canyon

25/25 is just around the corner! I decided for my 25th birthday I would attempt to climb 25 pitches. An audacious goal to say the least.

How is the training going? . I thought I would diligently train, doing pull-ups, crunches, running, Jillian Michaels’ work-outs… well, that was pretty much non-existent.

I thought I would cut out pancakes until my birthday… That lasted about one month. I will say, it DID last one month longer then I thought.

I DID do one JM work out, the thirty minute shred, and it ruined me for almost three whole days. Ha. I do pull-up’s here and there. So as you can see, using the word ‘training’ would be a far cry from what some people would consider it.

I will, with out a doubt, climb 25 pitches. The most I have done in one day has been 10-12, the 12 may be debatable, (Fairview Dome with Maureen), but regardless, it will happen. It may seem that I set goals and don’t stick to them (see pancake reference above), although, the ones that count, I do.

This sort of thing doesn’t happen all that often for me, but when I wanted to do a triathlon three years ago, I did it. And not just that, I rocked it. Same training situation also. Never ran more then 3 miles, it was a 5 mile run. Never swam more then, what I would consider ‘flapping around,’ you may have guessed that this was my weakest event. But what I’m getting at here is, by sheer adrenaline, I feel I can make something big happen. And that is what is going to happen August 5th.

Phil and I thought it would be a good idea to go out there and check out the climbing before the day of. So here are a few photos from our trip out.

It took me awhile to crawl out of the tent, but I made it! Thanks for the coffee Phil. The photo is taken in Phil’s French press, one of his many mediums.

Beautiful views, huh?

So here we come 25/25. Lets do this.

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