Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Sensei

It was a surprise visit from Alyssa, something I wished happened more often. Alyssa was down working in Southern California and on her way back home she was able to stop to see her favorite good ol’ dog, me. She made an appearance at the Mammoth Chili Cook-off then was able to make a quick stop for some pancakes at the Pie in the Ski Café and a short hike up Little Lakes Valley. Alyssa was the first person to take me backpacking. We road bikes to the trailhead and were on our way. I've been hooked ever since. Thanks Alyssa. Hiking around Pingree Park is something I hope to do again in the not to distant future. I still need to summit Hagues Peak! I got to show Alyssa my current backyard, although the visit was short and sweet, we are already tentatively planning a little backpacking trip in October or September. Just around the corner.

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Lots of comments now folks Love this stuff.Dad


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