Friday, July 12, 2013

Girls that Rock

When I worked at Inner Strength there was a guy that climbed there a fair bit, Alex Smiley. I also went to school with him; we were in the College of Natural Resources together. Anyway, he’s a real nice guy, with a last name like that, it’s only fitting, right?

I would be working behind the counter and I could hear him and his friend saying their climbing commands. They USUALLY go like this “On belay? Belay on. Climbing? Climb on.” But Alex and his friend were a little more creative and amped on climbing then that. I couldn’t help but to cringe and laugh at the same time when I would hear them reciting, “Dude on rock. Rock onnn DUDE!” Oh god, its so annoying awesome and catchy. I mean, after 3 years, and all the memories I have from working and climbing at Inner Strength, THAT’S what keeps popping into my head.

So I was climbing yesterday with Amo Potatoes and Lauren and WHAT story comes to mind? Yes, I told them the awesomely horrible ‘rock on dude’ story. And yes, they loved it.

What brings me to this blog is GIRLS that rock. Rock on girls! I have been very lucky to have climbed so much in the past week with such amazing ladies. Maureen and I climbed the regular route on Fairview Dome in Tuolumne Meadows. It was my first big multi-pitch trad route, granted I didn’t lead anything, Maureen did all the hard work and I just struggled along behind her as fast as I could. Thank you again Maureen, lets do that again sometime soon. I felt like all those pitches REALLY helped my crack climbing skillz.

Maureen and I on top of Fairview Dome

Here are a few pictures from our trad day at Iris Slab in Rock Creek Canyon. Lauren and I are planning on becoming trad masters. Actually we really just like the IDEA of becoming trad masters but are totally ok with being mediocre trad climbers and badass sport climbers. Regardless, we are pushing each other to climb harder, smarter and bolder.

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I Love to read all the stories if anyone knew about this blog there would be tons of comments


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