Friday, August 16, 2013

25/25 The Pitch Perfect Party

I didn’t realize until now, this very moment, when typing the title to this post, how my 25th birthday party ‘the Pitch Perfect party’ was not only a wonderful play on words, but yes, quite literally a pitch perfect party.

Growing up, my dad always said that you get one day to celebrate your birthday, the day that you were ACTUALLY born on. None of that birthday week or birthday weekend stuff. Birthday month?! I think some people actually do that.

With that being said, it WASN’T my intention to milk a birthday weekend… it just kinda happened. Tee-hee.

And I loved it. Every last minute.

My birthday was on August 5th, Monday, but the party started on Saturday. If you read the Riff-off post you will know by now that I am a Pitch Perfect fan. Ok, total fanatic. So I did some prep-work.

The party was to be Pitch Perfect themed. I bought the soundtrack to play in the background. I assigned each of my co-workers a character in the movie and wrote out lines that I wanted them to say throughout the night. I did say fanatic, didn’t I? So what character did I play? Well I was the director of course. But none of the guys wanted to participate in the role-playing, so I played Jesse and Benji, the two main guy roles. Amy played Fat Amy and really brought the party to life. “You call yourself ‘Fat Amy?!’ – Yeah, so twig bitches like you don’t do it behind my back.” She was probably the only person to actually read all the lines I wrote out. Thanks Fat Amy.

Me and Fat Amy

On Phil’s lunch break he started prepping for the big dinner feast, a chicken potpie to feed some 15+ people. It was delicious! Lauren (Cynthia Rose, yes because she is black) and Kristin (Aubrey) made bruschetta, however you spell that. Dayna (Stacey), whose hobbies include “cuticle care and the e-network” made the MOST delicious mixed drinks, a whiskey sour with wine poured on top, isn’t it purdy?

I put the movie on in the kitchen so we could all act our respective parts. Michelle did a great job of entertaining us as “Bumper,” the front man for the Treble Makers while simultaneously playing the part of the annoying Asian girl, Lily.

While dinner was cooking we drummed up a great game of wiffle ball. Amy was cracking us all up, yelling “Vertical running!” as she took off for first base. And taunting the opposing team with, “I’m going to pitch slap you so hard your man boobs concave.” And of course, it wasn’t Fat Amy’s line but, “If at first you don’t succeed, pack your bags.” I didn’t know that the Pitch Perfect themed party could be topped, but the ACTUAL pitch perfect party, held on my birthday at Clark Canyon, just may have.

The Rock Creek Lakes Resort Crew... errr, The Pitch Perfect cast members

On Monday morning I thought to myself, I’m not 24 anymore. And what better way to celebrate then to climb 25 pitches? It was so great to have so many friends from Huntington Beach come up. Aunt Mary made it down and was the official scribe of the event. The day was a success, Kristen did her first lead climb, Kathy did her first outside climb EVER, Marissa hiked up a massive water mellow, and yes, I successfully climbed 25 pitches. Granted the average grade was 5.87 or something, it was about 15 pitches more then I have ever done before. I am proud of myself.

Thank you all for coming out to celebrate. It was really awesome, as I was climbing up the last pitch, a proud line, everyone was cheering for me and I felt like a rock goddess, a princess, a true birthday girl. Thank you for celebrating my pitch perfect party with me.

Aunt Mary, Jackie, me and Phil starting the day off early
Pitch #8?
The WHOLE Clark Canyon Crew, with out them 25/25 wouldn't have happened
After a long and successful day of climbing we went into Mammoth to get some well deserved dinner. Yum.

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At August 19, 2013 at 5:15 PM , Anonymous phil said...

I think we can give you the benefit of the doubt and bump that 5.87 up to 5.9 :)


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