Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lake Sabrina?

Phil and I decided since he wasn't working today and I... well I'm not working at all... should go for a Halloween drive up to Lake Sabrina, or what's left of it. Unlike Rock Creek Lake, Lake Sabrina is a reservoir that (after a quick wiki search) constantly flows into a hydraulic power plant. At least when there is enough water to do so. Supplying water, and apparently power to Bishop area.
A little fun fact that I just happened to stumble upon, thanks wikipedia, is that Lake Sabrina, which everyone pronounces "Sab-bry-nuh" is actually named after the wife of the general who built the dam in 1907-1908, Mrs. Sabrina Hobbs. But she pronounces her name "Sah-BREE-nuh." No one knows why the pronunciation was changed. They can't blame it on an illiterate sign maker like at Bodie State Park, which was originally Bodey. But with that one they welcomed the spelling change to ensure correct pronunciation. "Sab-bry-nuh" and "Suh-BREE-nuh" are both spelled Sabrina. I digress.
Our Halloween hike was not filled with smelling trick or treaters feet and getting our underwear pulled down, but Phil found a rock to climb (not hard to do here) and I brought my favorite candy along for the novelty. York peppermint patties.

Although the lake was quite smaller in volume then it normally is, it was quite a beautiful sight. Walking on the floor on the lake bed was actually quite (I'm looking for an adjective here to describe the feeling and when I asked Phil how he would complete the sentence, he said) fulfilling. I guess it was an unexpected surprise, which fulfilled us. Thanks Phil.
A Halloween isn't complete with out a scary face. That's what we were going for here. Maybe those faces would scare a baby but that's probably about it. And that's all that matters.

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Pretty Little Things

This is the newest pretty little thing I've made. Thanks to Jennifer, Phil's mom, who taught me how to make this style of bracelet. Or I should say, thank you Aunt Jan! Aunt Jan taught Jennifer who then taught me.

I am taking my first beading class at the Venerable Bead in Bishop on November 3, I can't wait! The class is for a wrap bracelet like the one above but with leather straps and... well I don't really know for sure but I'll post a pic if it comes out nicely!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Phil Fishes and I...

... take jumping pictures. They really never get old, do they?

Phil and I hiked up to Francis Lake on one of our last days at the resort. It was a little bit of a blessing in disguise. Phil was up there fishing a few days before and left his fishing net. I had been wanting to make the hike but just never got around to it this season. So, since we he to go up there anyway, I thought, "Hey! this will be my first and last hike up there for the season!"

The hike isn't too long, it takes about an hour but its mostly uphill. When we got there I was pretty warmed up but once Phil got settled in and started fishing that morning chill began to creep up on me. I stretched, walked around a little, enjoyed the views. But then I started to get cold and my creative genius kicked in and I though, jumping pictures!

Before long I was sweating my ass off and completely out of breath. It was great.

Francis Lake proved to be yet again a very difficult lake to catch a fish in. Phil left with out a bite but it definitely WAS worth the trip. How else could I have gotten all these great pictures? We will see you again next season Francis.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Arctic Chill

There were strange things done in the midnight sun, by the men who moil for gold
The arctic trails have their secret tales, that would make your blood run cold
The northern lights have seen queer sights, but the queerest they ever did see
Was the night on the marge of Lake Lebarge that I cremated Sam McGee

Now Sam McGee was from Tennessee, where the cotton blooms and grows
Why he left his house in the South to roam 'round the pole, God only knows...

-Robert W. Service

From left to right, Star Mountain, Half Moon Pass and Flat Top (aka Pointless Peak/ Mono Mesa)
I thought it would be a good brain exercise to memorize a poem. I thought, how hard could it be? and isn't it good to play memory games and such to keep your brain smart? Those six lines above were my best attempt at memorizing The Cremation of Sam McGee, by Robert W. Service. A poem containing fifty lines. I was just a little short but maybe I'll give it another attempt. I love the poem.

The first time I heard it was on my first day of dendrology with Rocky, the tree loving fanatic, at Colorado State University. Rocky had memorized and recited the poem to the class upon his introduction. I didn't know if I loved him or if I was more concerned for what the rest of the semester was going to hold.

Rock Coleman, just as you may have imagined him.

Although Rocky probably would not be impressed with my meager attempt at Mr. Service's masterpiece, maybe he would be happy to know I'm still out there enjoying the outdoors and taking a few pictures to prove it.

Here are some shots taken just after a nice nine inches of snow fell on Rock Creek Canyon.

Rock Creek Lake
Peanut walking on thin ice
Peanut, who I affectionately call Peanut Butter Ding Dong
Phil wading in the ice water to catch a fish. He's crazy.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Take a Hike

Although I have not been climbing much (ok, at ALL) since my big 25 pitches for 25 years birthday bonanza... I have been hiking. Here are a few pictures from the past 2 months. Aren't the Sierras wonderful?

August 15, 2013. Phil and I explored the ghost town of Bodie. I learned not only what an innovative and bustling place Bodie was in its boom years (1877-late 1880's)but also that a ghost town is not a haunted town but just a town that has become abandon. Ha.

August 23, 2013. Phil amused Senna by throwing big rocks in the water. Ok, I was amused too.

August 29, 2013. Phil takes me to Treasure Lakes. An afternoon of relaxation. AND I get to see first Golden Trout! Thanks Phil

September 8, 2013. Another ghost town tucked in the White Mountains. Maybe this one is ACTUALLY haunted.
September 10, 2013. Amy and I striking a pose. We accompanied Phil and Steve on their search for another big fish.
September 14, 2013. Katie and Matt come to visit. I took them on an ass-kicking hike up halfmoon pass.
September 14, 2013. This view never gets old. Finishing our hike, coming over Mono Pass with Dade and Abbot in the background.

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