Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lake Sabrina?

Phil and I decided since he wasn't working today and I... well I'm not working at all... should go for a Halloween drive up to Lake Sabrina, or what's left of it. Unlike Rock Creek Lake, Lake Sabrina is a reservoir that (after a quick wiki search) constantly flows into a hydraulic power plant. At least when there is enough water to do so. Supplying water, and apparently power to Bishop area.
A little fun fact that I just happened to stumble upon, thanks wikipedia, is that Lake Sabrina, which everyone pronounces "Sab-bry-nuh" is actually named after the wife of the general who built the dam in 1907-1908, Mrs. Sabrina Hobbs. But she pronounces her name "Sah-BREE-nuh." No one knows why the pronunciation was changed. They can't blame it on an illiterate sign maker like at Bodie State Park, which was originally Bodey. But with that one they welcomed the spelling change to ensure correct pronunciation. "Sab-bry-nuh" and "Suh-BREE-nuh" are both spelled Sabrina. I digress.
Our Halloween hike was not filled with smelling trick or treaters feet and getting our underwear pulled down, but Phil found a rock to climb (not hard to do here) and I brought my favorite candy along for the novelty. York peppermint patties.

Although the lake was quite smaller in volume then it normally is, it was quite a beautiful sight. Walking on the floor on the lake bed was actually quite (I'm looking for an adjective here to describe the feeling and when I asked Phil how he would complete the sentence, he said) fulfilling. I guess it was an unexpected surprise, which fulfilled us. Thanks Phil.
A Halloween isn't complete with out a scary face. That's what we were going for here. Maybe those faces would scare a baby but that's probably about it. And that's all that matters.

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