Monday, August 18, 2014

Let Me Photograph You - It's For Free!

Have you ever thought you knew something... and then quickly realized that you knew absolutely nothing? This actually happens on a daily basis for me. So why was today any different? Well it wasn't. That's exactly how today went down. I bought a really nice camera. The body came in the mail today. I thought I knew something about photography, then quickly realized I knew close to nothing.

I guess that was the small, very small difference, I knew "close" to nothing. Gotta give a girl at least a little bit of credit.

When I turned on my Canon EOS 60D I couldn't get it to focus. My first thought was honestly, "I need to go to the optometrist." Then I became a little panicked, being in denial about my eyes spontaneously going bad, it had to be the camera was broken. I did buy it used, so maybe that's why the first person returned it.

So what did I do? The same thing that any 20-something would do. Googled it. I can't even really say "my generation," because it seems 7 year olds as well as 70 year olds would do exactly the same thing... Humankind would be lost with out Google. It's sad really. We are all idiots - not just me. I digress. 

Thank God for Google or it would have taken me a lot longer to learn about the "Viewfinder Adjustment Knob." One problem down. And hey! Maybe I don't need to get my eyes checked after all!

So at least things are in focus now. But then comes the whole exposure thing. What's aperture again? ISO? How does shutter speed work? Instead of Google this time I go straight for the jugular - YouTube.

It's amazing what you can learn online. My dad changed my breaks from YouTube and I haven't gone on a down-hill break-less rampage yet! Maybe my photography future is promising after all?

There must be a point where the YouTube stops sinking in. After watching 20+ videos you would think I would have figured something out, but I'm still totally guessing at what the ISO should be and what the aperture should be. And I didn't even get distracted by cute baby animals!

Can you tell what hen is my favorite? Sweetie. She's the friendliest. Ok... getting distracted by cute baby animals.

This afternoon was a little humbling but I am determined to become a photographer. Regardless of deleting 99% of the pictures I took today, I think the 1% came out pretty dang good.

I know art is subjective and despite the self-deprecating tone of this post, I'll be honest, I'll say it, I'm pretty happy with my first batch of photos. And my lens new lens is still on it's way!

I'm happy with them mostly because I KNOW I have a lot to learn - but - the photos aren't half bad! So I'm going to really, super, totally, rock with some more practice.

Speaking of, what I want to get into is portraits, lifestyle, family photos, baby photos, engagement photos, senior pics and eventually... weddings! Calling all people! Let me photograph you! And as my dad has always said "It's for free!"

This is the good life.

Sweetie on my knee.

Tea and hamburgers?

From the back yard.

Hiding hens.

...and the swamp cooler STILL leaks?!  

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At August 20, 2014 at 9:42 AM , Anonymous Mary Dayhoff said...

I think you have the Aseltine "fix-it/figure-it-out" gene. I was able to fix my 2008 TV by researching online. Oh by the way, we will take you up on the FREE PHOTO SHOOT - weekend of Sept 5th por favor...............

At August 23, 2014 at 10:25 PM , Anonymous Stacey DeMartini said...

Keep the pictures coming Julie! You have a real eye. I stole "Tea and Hamburgers?" for my desktop. You better start thinking about getting a copyright soon. (:
Love ya!
P.S. You should also think about making your photos bigger so we don't have to click on all of them. Just a thought.


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