Friday, December 10, 2010

Words of Encouragement

I don’t know why, but whenever we stay at someone’s house, leaving the next day is always a long drawn out process. Something about leaving the warmth and comfort of a friend’s home, getting back on the saddle and eating cream of wheat is a little hard, as much as we love it. And Davin always (slight exaggeration) forgets something, so that makes the process a little longer too.

Nicole and Jonathan, Davin’s cousins hosted us for three days. Their hospice care for animals was so love-filled and endearing. I found a little soft spot for their old dog Rudy and their three cats, especially Mary Kat, the only one that would actually let me pet her.

A little harder then leaving Nicole and Jonathan's was leaving Queen Malika's Crepes and Coffee. At least we got this picture to remember their crazy Algerian owner and hilarious employee forever.

Half Moon Bay, although it wasn’t fluffy and warm, was also challenging to leave. Opening the vestibule door to rain made me first reminisce of Patagonia, then shiver at the thought of getting wet and biking in it all day.

As we were leaving HMB, a guy from the camp site told us that we were in the home of GoPro and it would probably be worth it to stop there and see if they would sponsor us.

Sure enough, we did in fact stop. We went in there, after trying to compose ourselves a little bit, even though we were thoroughly soaked, we told them our story.

With ear to ear smiles, they loved what we were doing. Andie, one of the managers, just walked out of the office and came back with an armful of gear. She said, “Here’s a camera for you, here’s a camera for you. Here’s two helmet mounts, two bike mounts, a head strap, a chest harness, and two SD cards.”

No way!!! Christmas came early this year!! We said our thank yous and said we will stay in touch then walked out of there like three grinning idiots who just stumbled upon a giant mountain of donuts, or something awesome like that… insert whatever you’re into there, a giant mountain of gold, skittles, whatever. We were excited.

Since we took such a long time at GoPro, we got a late start on out 57 mile day. So with that, we spent a good portion on the day riding at night. For me, it was one of the harder days. Davin was hoofing it and I was giving it my all to keep up. I had to remind myself to smile a couple times when watching the rain fall in the head lights of each passing car. Bur. Ow. Burrr. Oww. Keep up. Oww. Glutes hurting. Oww.

But that’s when the words of encouragement flooded my brain. Not words from Susan B. Anthony. Not John Muir or Edward Abby… but the beautiful words of Lady Gaga. You have to love her.

Just dance, gonna be okay
Just dance, spin that record babe
Dance, dance, just, just dance

Yeah! Just dance. We danced our way to Santa Cruz. Arriving late in the eve, but arriving non the less.

I was a little delusional when we got there, but thanks to the Lady G, I made it. From here we're headed to Monterey and then Big Sur. Tiffany is even coming up and we are all going to hike to Sykes Hot Springs. I can't wait!


At December 11, 2010 at 6:30 AM , Blogger K. said...

you're a rockstar, jules.

At December 11, 2010 at 6:31 AM , Anonymous Ryan said...

yeah julie! maybe those yellow lenses when its daylight out are whats making you delusional, if you come through HB I have some darker glasses for you.

At December 11, 2010 at 9:25 AM , Blogger Avana said...

Gaga is so funny that way. She pops into your head at either the most bizzare or convenient times, like when I was offshore and sick out my mind on the way to Bermuda. I'm glad to hear she's working for you too. :) I miss you.

At January 5, 2011 at 7:17 PM , Blogger Paul S said...

I am "the guy from the campsite" aka Paul, the guy walking his two dogs through your campsite who mentioned the GoPro proximity/possibility (AND who told you his bicycling and general life story), which delayed your dinner and setting up camp into the dark, cold, wet HMB night .... and who didn't invite you to stay in his nearby warm, dry empty house. I feel so bad that I did not invite you to stay with me.


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