Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well That Didn’t Take Long

Acey, Davin and I have anxiously been waiting for our film gear to arrive. And that day did finally come. This project is constantly becoming more and more official. Because of our funds we weren’t going to invest in the sound gear, but with a little help from Davin’s brother and the teams’ enthusiasm, we decided if we are going to make a film, we might as well do it right.

But I’m not entirely talking about the film gear when I say ‘that didn’t take long.’ For those of you who know me, and I’m sure if you reading this, you probably know me fairly well, it’s not uncommon for me to fall into a downward spiral of out of control laughter. A downward spiral that often ends with wet pants (unfortunately).

So when the sound gear came, Brent, Davin’s dad called through the house “Davin there are a lot of boxes out here.” The three of us perked up like the little cow-lets at Sunrise Ranch when they're about to be moved into the next pasture. We ran down the stairs like it was Christmas morning and excitedly opened the boxes. We are now equipt with a shot mic, boom pole, recorder, extra batteries, mic cord and my personal investment came today too, a new REI three person, three season tent. Yup, still a gear head.

Each item was exactly what we ordered, except the boom pole. Well this might not come across as funny, but I’m going to try. When Davin opened the boom, it appeared to be about one hundred feet long, the three of us were incredibly shocked at its length and the professionalism it brought. Davin was acting like he was trying mic something clear across the room and it provoked laughter that there was no turning back from. This is going to be a fun trip to say the least.

Here are a few shots that I took today:

Acey has been working on the preview for the website and the Facebook page. Stay tuned, hopefully in the next day or two they will both be up. Even in this dazed, mid-sentence shot, he’s quite a photogenic guy. I’m always proud to call him family.

Davin is the storyboard megamind. I mean mastermind. Now that we have the sound gear we can finally take some interviews and finish the preview trailer.

The trip is off to a good start I have have logged at total of zero, zippo, nada miles on the bike. Thanks for reading.


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