Sunday, December 5, 2010

Calistoga Sweet Calistoga

We spent the day biking from Calusa to Clear Lake. Well just short of Clear Lake. There really arn't enough hours in the day to do as many miles as we would like. Really, I don't know of there are enough muscles in my legs to do as many miles as we would like.

We camped at a four wheelers paradise, lots of dirt bikers and off road trails. Thank you BLM. The flat spot we found to pitch the tent had a dirty old matress inhibiting the vacinity and Davin throuht it would be bad juju to disturb it... or camp any where near it for that matter.

The next day we were headed to Calistoga. To the home of the Sneddons. We packed up and got on the road at a decent hour. It wasn't before long that we were climbing some massive hills, but before we knew it we were on flat land and back in our peloton groove.

I was lost somewhere in the world of focuing on Acey's rear wheel and recapping my dreams from the previous night when this truck rolls up next to us with a guy sticking his head out the window, and he's video taping us. Laughs were exchanged but then it was back to cranking along. Back to looking at Acey's wheel and thinking about what my dream ment.

Was that Nate? It took a good minute to realize, recap and analyze what just happened. Was that Nate video taping us just now? I asked.

Sure enough Nate and his dad Steve had come go the rescue. From there, We spent three glorious days in Calistoga with the Sneddons, Steve, Sue, Sharon, and Nate.

Steve and Sue were impecable hosts. They treated us like royal guests of honor, I have never experienced such genuine, welcoming hospitality. Steve and Sue are amazing. Like second parents. They showed us around town, took us hiking and served us wine and cheese.

Sue and Sharon are master thrifters. We hit up the mother of all thrifting paradises. However, Acey, Davin, and Nate don't look so into it here..

But this place had a piano and kept them a little more amused.

Good healthy family fun.

When I'm stationary again I want to have more dinner parties. I was taking notes from the Sneddon's. They known how to do it. Thank you again for showing us a great time and welcoming us into your home.


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