Friday, November 26, 2010

Jack Frost? Is That You?

Yesterday Acey, Davin and I went into Nevada City to upload the film trailer, the one I keep writing about, the one I keep saying will be up tomorrow, the one that has been keeping us from getting on our bikes.. Well, if you couldn't read my slight bitterness, it was unsuccessfully uploaded, and we're still hanging out at Davin's (absolutely beautiful) home. But I'm going stir crazy!

We were visiting with our family in Nevada City... And using their Internet when our familiar friend Jack Frost decided to come say hi.

We had a beautiful evening with Andy and Karen, sharing a bottle of wine and listening to stories of Baja California but when we hugged goodbye and they showed us the door our jaws nearly hit the floor at the sight of the falling snow.

Ok, I feel like this is an appropriate time to insert my little bit on over exaggeration. First I love over exaggerating. I see absolutely no problem in adding a little umpf to the story if it gets the feelings and emotions you were experiencing across to the listener. I want the listener to feel like they were there with me. So my point is, I may embellish this story just a little bit to make it feel like you were there with us.

As we buckled our seat belts the three of us didn't know what the next hour and a half would bring. Would we make it back to Davin's house? Would we slide the truck into a ditch and need a tow the next morning? Would Acey's feisty cat persona become so scared that he would start making whimpering kitten noises instead?

Well thankfully Davin has driven the 49 about a billion times and could confidently drive it blind folded, this provided me some peace of mind in what could have been a perfectly disastrous situation.

As expected David, my Ranger, who is not equip with four wheel drive, not equip with snow tires, and my bad, not equip with chains, began fish tailing as soon as we rolled out of the driveway. This prompted some giggles as well as that uncomfortable feeling of your intestines being twisted.

But as we continue on it only gets better. Since the truck was squirrelling around, Acey and I both squeezed through the tiny window and sat on the wheel wells to help weight the bed down. Acey and I looked out the windshield at the snow falling and the wipers going full speed a head. Davin was driving like a bat out of hell. We yelled, "Slow down!" from the bed of the truck. But Davin called back, reassuring us that he really just needed to keep momentum.

It was as if he was cut off in mid sentence. Two guys were in the middle of the road, their car had slid off to the side, and what does Davin do? He slows down to ask if they need a ride. Isn't Davin as sweet as an apple pie?

Well again, cut off in mid sentence, asking them if we could help, our little truck begins to slip off to the side of the road.

Before we know if, Davin puts the truck in first, Acey, the two guys, who turn out to be from France, and myself are out in the pitch dark, digging out the snow by the wheels and are trying to push the truck up a small mountain.

We have little success but we try again. This time we got it going. Acey hopped in the cab, and while in motion me and the French dudes are running behind the truck, trying to catch up to jump in. I made it. So did one of the guys. The other one missed the tailgate entirely and fell in the snow.

"Get up! Get up!" I was yelling. With out hesitation this guy springs to his feet like a UFC fighter with serious determination and begins sprinting toward the tailgate.

It was like a child leaping into his mothers arms after a long week at summer camp. "JUMP!" I yelled. And into the bed of the truck he landed. Unscathed.

It was quite the unexpected visit from Jack Frost. Usually I welcome him with open arms and warm kisses, but from inside a cozy house of course. A cozy house that probably also had cookies in the oven. But not this time.

Soon enough it will be hot and sunny and I'll find myself wishing I was pushing my truck through the snow. Well maybe. Maybe I will just wish I was watching the snow fall from on top of an over stuffed couch with cookies in and around my mouth.


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