Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ignore This

When I was little, shoot, I guess it wasn't that long ago, I dreamt of being a model. A super model. Fantasizing while watching Tyra transform Everyday Janes into Miss Jay runway walking starlets. I would fondly refer to the show as ANTM, and wish it were me on the screen.

This is a shot of the crew and cast. Davin, myself, and big brother Acey

These are confessions that I don't often make public. I fell prey to all the catchy advertisements and gender roles that are constantly being thrown in our faces. Those once ambitions faded when I went to college. I no longer had a desire to be a Cover Girl and became perfectly ok with not being 5'11''.

Well now that I have pushed those fantasies aside I am finding myself digging around for those desires again. Acey, Davin and I have been preparing for the bike tour and film like psychotic fire breathing ants. I know that doesn't make much sense, but I'm getting quite anxious to get on my saddle. We all are. Hopefully tomorrow morning we will have the website up and the facebook page rolling. Please stay tuned.

Hi. I'm back from my tangent. Remember in Austin Powers when he's the photographer and he's snapping pictures left and right, snapping his fingers, saying "Ignore this. Ignore this." remember that? That's what it's been like here. Don't look at the camera. Act like you're just talking to me. Let's take that one more time. This is hard work! Well, exhaustive at least.

For the website we needed to take a couple shots for the bios. If you would have said photo shoot five years ago I would have said "Hold on, let me get a few outfit changes." But now I'm lacking some of that enthusiasm. Despite me feeling really awkward in front of a camera we had a great shoot.

Here are some of the shots:

Acey Aseltine. The film mastermind.

Davin Hart. The investigator.

Julie Aseltine. That's me. The most beautiful, blogging genius and cycling queen.


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