Friday, November 26, 2010

Fresh Legs Coming Though

I like to think of myself as a pretty in shape person. But there are times when I seriously question it.

I'm active. Yeah. I rock climb. I ummm. Well I did a triathlon? By the skin of my teeth. I dabble in mountain biking. And not of recent, but I ride a road bike too.

When Acey told me about this bike endeavor, I thought, YEAH! I'm healthy, in shape, just graduated from college, just spent six months working 10 hour days on a farm. I can do that. I can ride a bike!

Well that's what I thought.

We left Davin's house 5 days ago, and it has not been a smooth transition from ranch hand to bike tourist.

We left in inclement weather, riding away from a warm house with smiling faces waving goodbye. Davin took us on some kind of deer trail through his property, in the snow! I was telling myself, while pushing as hard as I could with my little roadie tires, DON'T FALL HERE JULIE! You can't stop, everyone is watching. Just keep up, you're almost out of sight. It didn't stop there though.

The first hills were the hardest. I really thought I was going to puke. I didn't tell Dav and Acey that though. I feel slightly like the weak link here, so I just bite my tongue when I can.

Cyndra, Davin's mom rode with us to Nevada City, where we then met up and stayed with our cousins Andy and Karin. Because of the weather, see my last post for details, the power had been out for 3 days. Acey keeps referring to it as post-apocalyptic. People going crazy left and ride. Looking for water and a warm place to stay. Anyway.

Acey at Andy and Karin's beautiful home

Saying goodbye to Andy and Karin

Moving past Nevada City was quite challenging. I mean we have almost traversed the entire state. Came out of the Sierra's and through the Coastal Range.

We stayed on an organic farm. Not skipping a beat, they put us to work. We rode all day, I kind of just wanted to fire up the whiperlite and drink some cocoa, but it was like being back at Sunrise, the crops needed to be covered and the frost was coming. I like that kind of work though. It felt like we were working for our bed that night night. Which ended up being in the hoop house.

After sleeping an average of 12 hours, you would think you would feel well rested, but not the case. I guess eating food like this doesn't help either. Don't worry Sunrise, my food ethics haven't gone down the drain, I was just desperate. And I love donuts, chimichangas, and potato wedges. Shhhhhh.

Every part of my body is sore, all the time. And miles? We haven't logged the most impressive of numbers, but when it comes to hills, we have logged some mother f-ing climbs!

When we're climbing hills, Davin is always the super star. I love it when Acey will be in front, then me following behind and Davin, in the back will come rip roaring by, "Fresh legs coming though!" Acey yells. And we laugh a lot, giggle rather. A true dream team.


At November 27, 2010 at 7:17 PM , Blogger Mass Specubation said...

Julie, I can't help but think that you're embellishing with this "weak-link" bologna. COME ON! Give yourself some credit girl! I just find it hard to believe that's all. You are a bike angel sent down from the heavens and surely you're adjusting!

I want to hear about ...everything. What do you think about during the hours you spend in your head? Do you sing to yourself? Have you picked up any stray bikers?


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