Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 Pictures For Ketchup

Since my blogging hasn't been up to par, especially as far as what's happening on the farm, I decided to post 10 pictures to catch you all up.

Ketchup. Ready Go!

This is a photo of a little decapitated fish that found its way from the irrigation ditch to our 4 inch irrigation pipes. We water our 200 and some acres of pasture twice a day for 12 hour periods. We had our first frost on Tuesday, successfully wiping out our basil, tomatoes, summer and winter squashes. We can only irrigate for a couple more weeks before we're cut off for the season.

The Farm at Sunrise Ranch is dedicated to raising 100% grass fed, grass finished beef. We rotationally graze our cows and give them the love and care they need. We started the season with 40 beauties and are now down to our last 20. I have a new appreciation for eating meat, being fortunate to see the full cycle.

Similar to the amount of pride Alisha has for going a season with out washing her hair, I'm pretty ecstatic about going 3 months with out washing my overalls. They're like a well season cast iron skillet. It would be blaspheme to even think about using soap on them.

Onward is Kate's new side kick, having him on the farm has made my heart ache for Ally. Pops has been doing a great job of being Grand Pappy but I'll be headed back to Southern California on Sunday to pick her up. Bligh and Alyster (fingers crossed) will be joining me in the Avalon, AKA The Magic Carpet. We will be returning in The Camry with The Alamander. Can't wait.

The infamous pasture pipe change to the willows. Sara has the line of the season, "I found my fulcrum!" I have said more times then I can count, "I'm gunna put that on a t-shirt" this season. But this one, my dearies, is GUNNA be put on a t-shirt! "I found my fulcrum at Sunrise Ranch!"

For those of you who don't know, Sunrise Ranch has a conference business. In addition to their grass fed beef, it's a way for them to make money. Their guests are usually interesting folks, The Bio Pulsar Group, Mondo Buddhists, The Tappers... all kinds. I wasn't there to actually meet this one memorable lady, but I heard the story. She changed her name to Starlight Compost. This picture is of us sitting on a large pile of mature compost. Chuck worked hard to move the piles from one pasture to where they are located now, the new, new permaculture garden. I can't remember the names that Starlight gave the interns, since I wasn't actually present, but Dave's was something along the lines of Lantern Bunny Running in Forest.

Alisha's cousin Matt was a true pleasure to have on the farm. We all missed him when he left. Especially me. I dubbed Matt my personal intern, although he didn't know it. That's when you know your a real farmer, forget about the big pivot sprinklers.

Another day with Micha. You know what that means? Lots of coffee breaks and riding in the back of the truck. Kate and I got to spend some time working with Chuck on the wheel line. Chuck has to be one of my favorite people of the farm. A man of few words and a big smile. He also drives the dump truck like a bat outta hell.

So we have carrots that look like beets and beets that look like carrots. It's awesome, so many varieties and flavors. These ones were beautiful. There are about 3 more beds coming. We are also looking forward to onions, more parsley, peppers, potatoes and winter squash.

This photo is from over a month ago, but its one of the only ones of the whole farm team. Shannon left first, then Avana, Sandy and next Dave and Alisha. Dave and Alisha think their leaving, but Kate and I aren't going to allow it. The season is rapidly changing, but I truly think its only going to get better from here. Dave will be starting his own farm, Alisha moving to Chicago for an internship, I'll be moving into the Hillcrest trailer with Ally and will continue to apply for more jobs.

Thanks for following. 3 blogs in a day, a little obsessive, but I had to get my fix.


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