Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Guns

Onions and winter squash that it. Last week we saw the farm transform in an abrupt period of about 72 hours.

That’s what the frost does apparently.

We had been talking about it, wondering when Old Jack Frost himself would arrive, until one morning, he came.

We woke up, like any other morning, put our beanies on and headed for pipe change. When we got down to the beloved, wonky, picnic bench for our morning meeting we were greeted with little glistening crystals of frost on the ground. On the crops too. And on the pipes we were ‘bout to move. That makes for cold hands.

I didn’t know those little crystals were going to flip our garden in the days to come. The bountiful fields that I have known all summer were about to be liberated. We unleashed the big guns.

Here are a few pics from the week. We harvested hundreds of pounds of winter squash and onions. Not to forget, we pulled all the basil, summer squash, cherry tomatoes and bush beans. And as always, lots of cucumbers, chard, kale, carrots and beets.

Me, Rattle Snake Kate, & Alisha showing off the big guns... the corn that is.

Alisha, clearly incapable of taking a bad photo





What a beautiful bunch of folks... and onions

Finally, here are a series of short videos of the trials and tribulations of farming

Take one: Failure

Take two: Failure

Take three: Success! We pulled the sword out of the stone, next mission, take over the world!


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