Thursday, July 4, 2013

Miller & Son BBQ Brewing Launch

Congratulations to Steve Miller for launching his delicious BBQ Sauce today! Come on down and buy yourself a bottle of this nectar fit for the gods. You can put it on anything, chicken, burgers, ribs, potatoes, sandwiches, you name it. Phil would probably pour it on his cereal he likes it so much.

We are doing a promotion at Rock Creek Lake Resort, buy a BBQ Bacon Burger at our lunch grill and get yourself one dollar off.

Steve Miller is a very innovative and industrious guy. You will find him around the resort building something, cooking something or brewing something on any given day. And find him on his days sleeping, eating pizza and reading a book, all at the same time. What a guy!

We are so happy to be working with Steve and his equally amazing counterpart Amy King as they are 2 of the highest quality people you will find.

Check out his Miller & Son BBQ Brewing FB page

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