Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lucid Dreaming and Other Dreaming Funnies

There are certain dreams that are common among people, dreams you hear other people talking about and think, “Hey! I’ve dreamt that.”

Quite a few of those dreams I’ve had… teeth falling out, arriving somewhere important with out any shoes on—usually school, when I was in school, breathing under water and flying into telephone wires. I like trying to analyze dreams but if you look online you usually come up with some negative interpretation.

I haven’t read up much on lucid dreaming, but I know I have been doing it ever since I was a kid. Most memorably were the breathing underwater dreams. The first time I was probably 10 years old or younger. I was swimming in the pool in my parents’ back yard and dove down to the bottom of the deep end. I was running out of breath but remembered I was only dreaming and that I could just breathe underwater if I wanted to. At the depths of the deep end, I inhaled what felt like a bottomless breath of water, filling my lungs, and being able to continue swimming happily.

Another lucid dream I often had as a child was one that took place at a wedding or some type of big event. I would be assessing the selection of cupcakes, cookies, cake, and candy and would begin to fill a plate. I would begin loading up a mountain of goodies. Filled with excitement of the soon-to-come oral pleasure (that’s what she said), I would begin to become anxious. The anxiety came after acknowledging in my dream that I WAS dreaming and if I didn’t hurry up and find a seat I would wake up and be unable to satiate my sweet tooth. Soon after making that realization I would inevitably wake up. Sad face.

After having that same dream multiple times as a kid, it wasn’t until recent years I had it again. The only difference with my adult life sweets fantasy dream was, yes, I got to acknowledge that I was in fact dreaming. And yes, I WAS able to eat every little sweet thing on my plate.


Here are the dreams that I really wanted to highlight, please comment if you have any stories of your own to share, I would love to hear.

In recent month I have been having multiple dreams where I will be reading some kind of text, a book or what have you, realize I’m dreaming, realize everything I am reading is just a creation of my own imagination and soon after that… the text jumbles and disappears. Gone.

It sounds a little chaotic and yes, it is actually quite chaotic in the actual dream. Not to sound to narcissistic, which I’ll say isn’t a bad thing, but when I’m reading the text in the dream I have this moment of “Whoa hey this is brilliantly written stuff – HEY! It’s a product of my imagination, Hey Julie, you are pretty creative here and quite a nice girl!” And at about that time the text starts to go bye-bye. This just happened the other day while napping after work and I can’t remember what it was that I was reading but I remember I wanted to read MORE. Has this happened to anyone else?

On another note… all this dream chatter is very disorganized.

Someone once told me that you should write your dreams down RIGHT when you woke up in the morning. This is funny. When I was working at Sunrise Ranch I decided to take up this practice so I put a notebook and pen at my bedside and thought I would write the dreams down as soon as I woke up. But this often happened in the middle of the night and duh in a sleeping stupor. I would scribble down a few words, assuming I would decode them in the morning. But, I would wake up to chicken scratch and words that I swear I would normally spell right but could hardly recognize as English. Has THIS ever happened to anyone?

I’m pretty sure that my brother heard this from a movie, but he said you can’t see yourself in mirrors in dreams. I know that isn’t true because I had a dream in the past year where I looked at myself VERY closely in a mirror and realized that YES it was in fact me but the teeth in my mouth belonged to an obscure elementary school friend of mine. I doubt in real life, even if there was money on the line, that I could actually place the teeth as THEIRS, but in dream world they were undoubtedly those of a class mate some fifteen years ago.

Dream ramblings are fun. Maybe I’ll write another lucid dreaming part II and maybe it will be equally all over the place.

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