Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New England

David and I made it to New Hampshire!

Here is a photo re-cap of my beautiful summer spent in New England. From June to August I was working at a summer camp, taking kiddos backpacking and canoeing. Ryan (who I will later introduce) and I were trying to instill, or as we always said is Brett's environmental education class, "foster" a love and gratitude for the outdoors. And I hafta say, I think we did pretty damn well!

Monadnock Sunrise Hike. The #1 hiked mountain in the nation. Who knew?

Happy Campers

Kids playing soccer

Rappel Lesson.

White Mountains

Guyot Mountain Sunrise Hike

Ryan, my super awesome co-leader

Happy 23rd Birthday to me. Thanks Barbara-Ryan!

Me and Ryan somewhere on the Cohos Trail

Nothing like celebrating your birthday with a whoopie pie and a view from Sugarloaf Mountain

Nash Bog: Ryan's (other) trailname-sake

I love this picture. Two campers jumping off the rock, doing the star fish.

Attean Pond, Maine

1.2 Mile Portage

The Aftermath: Dirty Feet. I still love my Crocs.

Moose River Bow, lunch break

Home Sweet Home. Hand-made canoe paddles.

Trips Leader, Jake. Just another awesome picture.

Once camp was over it was time to get nay-key. Moonlight Monadnock hike, buck-arse-naked. Round trip.

Welcome to Maine. Post-camp Adventures

Bar Harbor, Maine, The Mist. Steven King's inspiration, no wonder. It all makes sense now.

Mt. Tumbledown hike with Ryan and Mom.

The Trailhead, no not the one that sells delicious cheesy fries in Fort Collins. The trailhead to the Presidential Traverse. Weighing our packs, a whooping 6 lbs.

Presidential Range, White Mountains, New Hampshire

Mt. Washington

Mt. Adams

Ryan on Adams

Me and Arley

Me and Alisha

Alisha playing with the foxtail and Arley

Dave and Alisha. A great visit with friends of Sunrise Ranch.

Meow. Enough said.

Before this summer I had never been east of Colorado. It was certainly a trip worth while. Lots of good people and beautiful mountains. I'm already looking forward to my next trip back.

Our final sunset on Attean Pond


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