Friday, May 6, 2011

So What if it's Coors Light

It wasn't pulling teeth or anything, but when I rolled into the Andrus Motel parking lot, I told my Aunt Mary, "We're family! You hafta let me stay!"

Of course Aunt Mary was more then welcoming, in fact she was actually wondering where the heck I was. I told her I was just going to Nevada City to get my truck, then I would be back down. But if your reading this, you probably know I'm horrible at keeping in touch, minus the post cards of course. And well, maybe I'm an awful niece, but I never called her. However, A saying from my dad, that I have taken a great liking to is; no news, is good news. And I think Aunt Mary understood that.

I came to Aunt Mary's with the intention to work. I'm starting to figure, hey if I can't have my OWN garden, I'm just going to work and plant as much as in can in other peoples! And so far I have kept myself awful busy.

My theory of having hard work in my genes proved to be true yet again after spending a little time with Aunt Mary. She is one hard working, rough, tough cowgirl. A true inspiration.

It was great that her and I to spend so much time together. Aunt Mary and Uncle Rex even humored me quite a bit with my newest short stories! They were received with smiles and positive feedback. Ha. You know, I (in the most egotistical way), think I'm an absolutely brilliant writer. And am quite proud, overly proud rather, of them. My stories that is. But to find an audience to read them to doesn't always present itself, so thank you again Aunt Mary and Uncle Rex.

Along with their positive feedback, I also received one of the best compliments. It was actually from a guest of my Aunts Motel.

Aunt Mary and I were out and about most of the day, picking up plants for the motel and other odds and ends. Well I was anticipating having most of the day to work on actually PLANTING them, but it was Friday and I was leaving Saturday morning, and we didn't get back till 5 p.m.

Well as soon as we got back, I got to work. Saturday was opening day for the fishing season, and Aunt Mary was busy checking guest in. The no-vacancy sign was flipped on and the fishermen were beginning to mill around the motel.

A bike tourist I met, headed down from Portland. A pleasurable interaction, indeed. Ha. He looked up and down Walker and said, "You must be awful bored here!." Good god, are you kidding me?! I'm finding more and more, I'm a small town gal ;)

I also love the motel business kind of stuff: travelers, recreation, hospitality. I
wanted to be in there learning the ins and outs of the business but I was perfectly happy working away in the dirt. And working away I certainly was! Another dad-ism, "I got a system here."

A nice crowd of peeps that I met at one of the Bridgeport hotsprings

I hardly looked up until I had only 3 more plants to get in the ground. But I saw one of the guests approaching me, camo pants and Coors light in hand. He introduces himself, including his worker-man- guy, boss-like credentials and then says, "We've been sitting over there watching you work, and I gotta say, you are one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. I know guys who would take eight hours to do
the work you did in two!"

The final product

Oh gee wow! Really this guy knew how to make me blush. I wanted to say "Hey, thanks for saying I'm a nice girl!" But really, I was flattered.

And to top it off, he gave me a beer. A pleasurable ending to any day, and so what if it was Coors light, I absolutely appreciated the gesture.

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At May 9, 2011 at 2:45 PM , Blogger Acey said...

Well said sister, I like your style.

At May 10, 2011 at 7:04 PM , Anonymous Laurel said...

It's not an Odell's IPA, but Coors light certainly has its moments!


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