Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wanna Get Tattoos?

Walking into the Bean Cycle I didn’t expect to see Kate Fallon. But there she was, pretty as ever in her blue dress and matching eyes. God I have missed my farming doppleganger! It has been almost seven months since the last time I was in Fort Collins. I couldn’t believe it. It certainly feels good to be back.

Kate and I caught up and did as much doting and petting as was socially acceptable. Snuggling and hugging in the Bean’s upstairs library has never been so fun. I thought it was just by chance that the two of us ran into each other there, but later I found out that she had emailed me to say, duh, “Meet me at the Bean.” Well just as my unexpected visit was actually expected, so was one of Kate’s next questions, “Wanna get tattoos?” she said, part kidding but mostly serious.

I quickly did a bank account check in my head, came to the conclusion that: no, I really couldn’t afford one right now, but somehow, the words that came out of my mouth were something like, “Uhh, yeahhhh! Lets go.”

I didn’t have anything in mind really when Kate asked, “What do you want to get?” Ha. No clue. I asked her the same question, but she did at least have an idea. She pulled up some pictures of a variety of thistles. Hummm. What do I want? What do I want? I kinda wanted this or that, but then oh! I know, a CACTUS! I actually have been wanting a cactus tattoo for a while, after spending time down at Shelf Road, Joshua Tree and most recently Baja, I decided, why not?

Kate didn't end up getting the thistle, but instead, a beautiful series of the life line of a dandelion. I love it. What I love even more is that we actually got tattoos together. It worked out perfectly. The folks that tattooed us were a couple that had great energy and wonderful dynamic. I have never had a woman tattoo me so it was a particularly special experience, actually the best yet. She called it a "Prickly Bush," I laughed and said that that sounded naughty and corrected her, "Cough cough prickly pear."

Kate and her huge muscles and balanced out tattoos.

So the question of where does it hurt the most comes up quite often, for me, I don't quite know. I remember up around the top of my shoulders hurting the most, but I have heard the inside of your arm was high on the list of most people.... and now that I have that spot tattooed, I can say, yeah, it hurts, but probably about the same as the rest. Kate says she thinks the area that you have most recently got tattooed hurts the most, I would agree. So that's that. Tattoo numero five. And more to come? Probably.


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