Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Maze Overlook

I have identified that I am an impulsive person and I like putting off decisions until the last moment. It’s not the first time that this type of thing has come up, last summer Kate and I actually had to sit down and have a chit chat about how we like to plan things. Kate on one hand likes a lot of order, “Ok, we are going to go this way, we’re going to leave at this time and we are going to eat this, this and that.” Then there’s me, usually with most my endeavors things just fall together and they do so exactly the I want them too. This always killed Kate, she couldn’t stand my laissez-faire attitude and my inability to make decisions.

Avana and I were experiencing some of this “decision paralysis,” a term I have taken a liking to. We presented ourselves with so many options we couldn’t choose any. Should we go here or there? One night or two? What should we pack? Should we cook something before hand? With all this, Avana is a little like Kate, she was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed with the whole situation. “Julie, do you have this undercontrol? Do you know what we’re doing? It would just be nice to hear that your are totally calm and comfortable with this, are you?” Avana asked me.

I was preparing that delicious Mexican rice dish that me and Acey mastered in Baja and continuing to pack my things in my backpack, “Yeah, everything is coming together rather nicely,” I said “and I can’t believe Mike is going to let us take his 4x4 truck!” Avana looked a little relieved, we were about to head into the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park with spur of the moment planning but totally prepared with food, tent, stove, supplies and of course maps. And unlike the 127 Hours guy, we let some people know where we were going and when we were going to be back.

The drive to the Maze Overlook wasn’t built for ninnies. A three hours, all out adventure, hair pin turns on a cliff that drops the “F” off, only enough room for one truck, if another one came I have no clue what would have happened, and most of the time spent in four low. Avana and I were both excited when we finally got to the parking area, greeted by a couple dirt bikers with their GoPros strapped to their helmets.

Here is the picture I asked one of them to take for us. (Typing this at Sunrise Ranch now, Kate thinks I look totally gay in this photo, I’m flattered.)

So this is what we did, starting at the Maze Overlook in the Land of Standing Rocks, we hiked the South Fork Horse Canyon, near the Chocolate Drops, down to the road and back up inbetween the Plug and Lizard Rock. We dropped down into the next canyon, I can’t remember the name, but it is the one with the Harvest Scene rock art. We spent three days and two nights. Avana joked about my dirty, grubby hands and I kept replying with, “I’m gunna slap you betch.” Errr, “I’m gunna betch slap you.” How does that Youtube video go? Anyway, the days were filled with lots of laughs, and other then me jacking up my foot somehow, there were not major problems. I really missed spending time with Avana, she truly is an amazing friend and a wonderful backpacking partner.

Here are some more photos :)

It was sad to leave Avana, but I am certainly glad that I got to see her. We have promised to backpack together at least once a year. This is the second annual.


At June 6, 2011 at 2:54 PM , Blogger Aimee said...

it looks like you two had loads of fun! BOTH look grubby! ;-) Avana's mum......Aimee

At September 5, 2011 at 1:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found your pics by searching for Maze photos on google. CAN'T WAIT TO GO!! Thanks for posting. -jc


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