Sunday, December 19, 2010

Miscellaneous Hipsters

I could have easily devoted an entire month to documenting San Francisco's hipsters. Unfortunately I was only able to snap three measly pictures of miscellaneous hipsters. But they are pretty good, right?

Hipsters Number One, Two and Three: Messanger bag, check. Keys on cheapo not-rated-for-climbing carabiner, checker-roo. Mini U-lock stylishly tucked into belt, yup. Flashy rear wheel, you betcha. And of course, a fixed gear, the hipster can't leave home with out it.

Hipster Number Four: I love this shot. Equipt with iphone, krome bag and winter cycling cap this hipster dood has it all.

Hipster Number Five: Just had to make a statement with his outlandish bike. What's new.


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