Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chapter One

Chapter One is rapidly coming to an end. However, this trip isn't ACTUALLY put into chapters at all, I just thought it was a clever way to sum up the segment from Nevada City to Mexico, you know, CHAPTERS.

Well since I’m now committed to this chapter book thing and all, I may as well do a little "End of Chapter" summary.. in video diary format.

The Revolutions Southward Trailer. We stayed at Davin's house for about 12 days. Starting the trip in the snow was a little unexpected but we left with smiles and hopes of it all being down hill from there; along with the prospect of warmer weather in the near future. Not exactly the case, but close. Not really.

The Ridge to Coast. So we're filming the trip, right. A documentary that is constantly transforming into an ARTumentary, with mockumentary components. And the whole being-in-front-of-the-camera thing has had its learning curve. Some people, like Jordan Bailey are naturals in front of the lens. Me on the other hand, meh not so much. But I'm getting better. I love watching the clips that Acey puts together as I shake my head and think to myself, God I sound like such a doofus! But whatever.

Introducing The Cowabunga Dude and Sir Norte. It was the Butterfly Effect. We were sitting having lunch and when we crossed paths with Jordan Bailey. A butterfly could have easily flapped his little wings and caused a typhoon to hit us, and we would have never met. I love the dynamic with four people. I like to think of Jordan as the star and Davin as the hero. Acey is the director. And me? I'm the kick ass pace setter who calls all the shots.

Big Sur is one of the most amazing sections of the California Coast. It was a shame that we weren’t able to enjoy the views. BUT we were able to enjoy Sykes Hot Springs, mostly rain free. It wasn’t the first time the rain has taught me a lesson. In Patagonia the relentless rain taught me lessons of gratitude and appreciation. That time in Rocky Mountain National Park the rain taught me patience and hope. And now, the torrential down pour lasting a week has been teaching me a lesson on attitude, will to persevere and the power of mental strength. Thanks rain, yet again.

One Chapter down. A LOT to go. I can’t believe I’m doing this. It is often that I tell myself, you’re gunna be in HONDURAS! Costa Rica?! Panama?! Really, me? Yeah you. Be present, have fun. Wish me luck.


At February 12, 2011 at 7:22 AM , Blogger K. said...

um yeah hi, juilie? i'm ready for chapter 2.


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