Friday, July 23, 2010

Just Because You Have Cool Sunglasses Doesn’t Mean You ARE Cool

Boulder Colorado
is known for its Subaru driving, olympic athletes, ecopreppies, trustafarians, environmental indie hipsters, and overall crunchy granola population. Here on the farm we don’t get out much so seeing these particularly beautiful and fashionable people is an exceptional treat.

I don’t know if we were more successful in fueling the ego-inferno of these individuals or if we actually tricked them into thinking I’m a world famous blog writer. Either way, everyone loves to be told they are beautiful, which is how I got consent to take their picture.

I want to thank them all for the gracious participation in my beautiful people profiling and let them know they’re appreciated more then they will ever know.

This Boulderite's smile was almost as sweet and refreshing as the Dulce de Lache ice cream sample he gave me.

These friendly egophiles didn't blush when I wanted to take their picture. When I told them they had great style they pretty much responded with, "Tell me something I don't know." More power to you. I'm an egophile too.

I spotted these two a mile away. I was so excited about his red sunglasses but right before I took the picture she told him he absolutely had to take them off (!?). Why? I wanted to put a halt to it, but they clearly have more fashion points then I do. Note to self: Do not wear awesome red sunglasses in pictures. They compromise your complextion.

I have never found bare ankles to be more attractive. But for the record, blondie on the left didn't think he was worthy to be in a picture that was taken in the name of fashion. In-correct-a-mundo, buddy. You ARE the epidemy of cool. Not to mention your skinny pants partner doesn't hold a candle to you.

I didn't mean to interrupt these gals gossip hour, but they just looked so blond and bohemian I couldn't pass them up.

Nutt'en like a Chicago-Style Italian Beef Sandwich Guy. He may look like he's living off his parents paycheck with his Holister sandals, Aeropostale button up and Ambercrombie pants, but at least this guy is making a buck by selling his meat. What? That's what she said?

The Face of Boulder. White, Liberal, Upper-Middle Class. A horticultural genius. This beautiful woman was the only one who was openly skeptical about letting me take her picture. However, once we told her we live on a farm it was like we were long lost family. She even showed us her muscles.

These bros said they were use to having their picture taken, Ben& Jerry's employees by day and models by night he said. Are you convinced? I let him know he had me sold and this was the best picture I took all day.

I'm writing a blog and I wanted to take pictures of fashionable people.. And you two have style! Can I take your picture? The ego inferno nearly burns down the entire town of Boulder as the two graciously flip their hair, smile as if they didn't know they looked great and agree to a picture. You two are nice girls.

She is my favorite. This fashionista knows it's not cool to support corporate coffee and wanted her Starbucks cup outta the picture. But I caught her before she could disown the one time use cup. This shameful Starbucks drinker has just come out of the closet.

This snow cone eating couple couldn't have brought a bigger smile to my face. You gotta love the trend setters who are the last to know and the most in denial of their dedication to looking adorable and picture perfect.

This photo wasn't a ploy to get a shot of the crunchy chaco mamma in the back ground, that just happened by chance, this is a shot of 2 grass fed future farmers. Extra style points for matching sun hats.

Of course these obvious hipsters would deny their outlandish style as fashionable. That's hipster rule #1. Way to stay strong.

I mean hot damn! These two divas got it going on. I don't know how we came across such a perfect find but a duo like this doesn't come around very often. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. We will forever be in debt to your godessness.

Although these last two are by far the champions of fashion, they have a lot to learn. If it wasn't for my faithful posse, Avana, Dave and Alisha this post would not have been possible. Thanks for a great day in Boulder.


At July 28, 2010 at 11:28 AM , Blogger Acey said...

This has been the most dynamic people watching experience i have had in days. You are a blog genius Jules. P.S. I have been spreading your blog like wild fire. Love ya Sister.


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