Monday, July 5, 2010

We May or May Not’ve Eaten Your Oreos

One reason why I love holidays is because they are easy to remember. I like thinking back at how I spent that holiday over the last few years. Last 4th of July Nelly, Steve and myself spent a good portion at Sarah and Anthony’s house. Sarah and Anthony are a couple that both volunteer at the Bike Co-op. I would call them Radical Homemakers. And hippies. It was a great day spent BBQing and eating fun cookies (that’s what Bligh calls them, and we’re not talking fun-fetti here). Anyway, the evening was spent in City Park with hordes of FoCo-ians. It was an eerie night with fog and a glowing moon. Nelly and I were both waiting for someone to become infected and a backlash of zombies to take over the streets. It never happened though.

The previous year was spent at Pingree Park. And July 07’ was spent in Germany with Tiffany and her Omi. I think we had hot dogs and American flag napkins to celebrate. Classic, right? It could have been complete if we only set large amounts of stuff on fire. Also never happened.

Well today was the perfect day for outdoor recreation, except when it wasn’t. The weather was typical Colorado. Sun. Rain. Lightening. Cloud cover. More massive, ungodly amounts of rain. And thunder. So Sheldon and I decided to ride the single-track loop for the XTERRA triathlon, that we will both be participating in (August 29).

A panoramic view of The Tooth Res. You can see Fort Collins in the background.

We have been talking about mountain biking together for a while now, but I was honestly pretty intimidated to ride with Sheldon. Sheldon has 6 or so years of professional road racing under his belt, so I felt those feelings were pretty justified. He said, *Insert sarcastic pants voice here, “Yeah, like I’m just going to leave you?” Hey, I don’t know. I just didn’t want him to always be waiting for me.

Although Sheldon could have dropped me faster then my dad can eat a DQ blizzard, which is equivalent to the speed of light, he did nothing of the sort.

I have logged some time on a mountain bike in the past, but it certainly has been a while. The skills that I possessed in high school are long gone, but the excitement and love is still there.

Here is a photo of Mr. Innovator, Sheldon. This patch-less style of fixing a flat was thought to be a myth, no one thought it could be done, but oh, myth busted! It’s not the ideal way to fix a flat, but since I was brilliant enough to leave the patch kit in the car, this did the job.

During our ride it felt like we fell into a wormhole, leaving Fort Collins and entering Cancun, Mexico. Spring Break circa 2000. Bumping. Grinding. American flag bikinis.

After our ride we decided to go from a swim, slash brick training, and get a little closer to the Reservoir Rats. We felt a little intrusive, wandering dangerously close to the Rats’ Nest, also known as camp dwelling, but there was no other way to the water. We had to bushwhack a little, but nothing compared to the wildness of Patagonia, however, unlike Patagonia, along THIS bushwhacking adventure we found a package of double stuffed Oreos. It was almost as if a little troll had left them there for us.

After our lunch break and dip we headed back, having to enter the Nest again. It was like Goldie Locks and the Three Bear. When we first got to their camp there wasn’t a soul in sight, but on our return all the Bears we back from the boating escapades. And one of them didn’t look happy.

We asked if they left their Oreos down in the woods over there. “Yeah. I did. Actually. I hid them there so no one would eat them.” Sheldon and I shuffled around the perimeter of there camp, clearly having irked this aspiring NASCAR racer, “Oh, well, we may or may not’ve eaten some of your Oreos.” I said with a forced smile and shifty eyes.

And that was all that was said. We receive some laughs from a few others in the group, but the dood was certainly unpleased.

We tried to wish them a happy Forth but really just wanted to get out of that closterfobic nook as soon as possible. Sheldon and I rode away with grins on our faces, and a good five or so Oreos in each of our stomachs.

When we got back to the car we both agreed that that was a pretty uncomfortable situation to be in and that it was too bad the one guy was rubbed the wrong way.

But remember the parable of the talents? The guy who digs a hole and buries them in the ground? Remember that? Or what about putting all your eggs in one basket? He should have seen it coming.

If the Bible were rewritten, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say talents would be interchangeable with cookies and digging a hole in the ground would be the equivalent to the woods.

Now you know what happens when you hide your cookies in the forest.


Here are a few photos from the other day:

Saturday's Farmers Market at the Civic Center Park. Lovely Anita representen' Sunrise Ranch and what looks to be displaying and ancient MacBook with a map of where we're located.

Selling our 100% grass fed and grass finished beef. Have you ever had grass fed? Try one of our meatballs. It was great, I never really felt like a sales person, but this product just sells itself.

My first batch! So excited. Anyone need a starter? Haha, Kate hates how they are called Mother and Baby, and I do agree the blob of gooshy mass is pretty funky looking.

This picture was taken last week, Sheldon and I climbed at the Crystal Wall, his first outdoor climb! Camped out and hiked Grey Rock the next day.


At July 6, 2010 at 8:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog and checked it out. You are still so much fun. You seem like you are really loving life, stealin cookies, weed whippin all sorts.
Miss you Julie!
Brooke Dearwester

At July 22, 2010 at 1:39 PM , Anonymous Rhea said...

"We may or may not've eaten your oreos" ha ha ha I pictured your forced smile and shifty eyes and could not stop laughing......Julius your amazingness radiates everywhere.


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