Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Unusual Suspects

Before Phil and I moved to Flagstaff we heard that there were places in the state that have ferns on the forest floor. My first thought was 'I gotta see it to believe it.' And, well, sure enough, I've seen it now with my very own eyes.
Here are a few photos that I collected while working for ACE at the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. We are currently working with the USFS to help preserve some of the last bits of prime Mexican Spotted Owl habitat.
After the 2011 Wallow fire, some 550,000 ares of forest were burnt. Its our goal to protect select fir and spruce trees from the bark beetles that will fly sometime in late June/early July.
For a little more information, basically the male beetle releases a pheromone that says to other beetles "NO VACANCY!" Then those other beetles keep flying to find trees that are vacant and thus great hosts for their little baby beetles.
Now back in the 70's they created a synthetic version of the pheromone called MCH (methloy..cerlo, helium blah blah blah?). And it's our duty to hang those little MCH capsules on trees, basically. It sounds easy enough, but I promise it's a little more complex then that.
So in between trees, we walk 40 paces before hanging another cap, I have stumbled upon lots of beautiful wildflowers, some wildlife and well, in short, a few unusual suspects. Here they are.
Not something you would think to find in a desert, right?
And the best find of the WHOLE trip....... A couple ivory elk teeth, oooooooweeeee!


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Julie! It's Alistar, we met at Sunrise ranch two years ago. Please send me your email address, mine is alistar.harris(at)gmail.com. I have important news for you!


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