Friday, February 25, 2011

The Stone Window

Once upon a time there was a beautiful garden. The garden was in a place far, far away. It was tucked amongst mountains and surrounded by the fiercest of seas. The garden appeared to be filled with magic. And as the story goes, mythical creatures lived there.

The garden had fruit trees and decorative flowers. Cobble stone paths and overflowing fountains. Vegetables and herbs grew in bounty and supposedly the mythical creatures would sleep in its olive grove.

The garden had a beautiful counter part, a castle. They complimented each other the way the stars compliments the dark night sky. However, unlike the dark night sky, the castle no longer teamed with human life. Its cold stonewalls have long been over grown with creeping ivy and its eves covered with spider webs.

From the castle there was only one window with a view of the beautiful garden. It has been said that from the window one could see the garden in its entirety and even its mythical creatures. The window was at the top of the castle’s tower, and the legend has it that the window held the most breathtaking view.

Now, the mythical creatures have never been seen before. The garden itself was so dense with vegetative life that even if searching on foot, the garden provided too many nooks and niches for the creatures to hide in.

The castle was just as intricate and impressive as the garden. It took nearly sixty people to keep the castle running. The way the tale has been told says that from well before daybreak to well after sunset, the people worked. Their King demanded perfection. And of course, the castle and garden alike reflected this.

It has been many years now since the castles King passed and since it’s keepers moved far away. The garden became over grown and the castle completely deserted.

Then there was Lord McGanzer, from across the sea. He heard of the empty castle and its beautiful garden. He wanted and needed it with every ounce in his rotund body. He didn’t care for the stories of the King’s mysterious death or the people’s exodus.

Lord McGanzer wanted to own and posses the garden, every inch. But more importantly, he wanted to climb to the top of the tower and see the mythical creatures from the stone window.

The people told him not to disturb the castle and that he would later regret his decision. However, Lord McGanzer was reckless and didn’t take heed to their advice.

His ships set sail across the fierce seas and he quickly moved into the castle. Lord McGanzer was frantic to climb the towers steps. As soon as he arrived, he barged through the castles entrance and nearly tripped on his jewel-encrusted robe.

The Lord climbed the twisting steps with out a shutter of hesitation. There was determination in each footstep. Breathing heavily, Lord McGanzer paused at the last step to wipe the sweat from his brow. Light was flooding in from the window and illuminating the small stone room.

The Lord had everything he could want. Even now he owned a large castle and possessed the most beautiful garden. But it wasn’t enough for Lord McGanzer.

As he moved to the window the jewels from his robe splashed vibrant colors of red, yellow and green on the grin, cold tower walls. Lord McGanzer searched desperately from the stone window. He neglected to appreciate the garden’s beautiful fruit and flowing water. He didn’t care for the magnificent magenta bougainvillea. He only wanted one thing. His eyes searched left and right like they were watching the seconds hand of an old clock ticking back and forth. With each passing moment he searched, the Lord began to feel weaker and weaker. The stone window was sucking the life from him.

Lord McGanzer tried to step back from the window, but his feet had already turned to stone. He couldn’t move his legs, they too became cold and rigid. He could feel the life being sucked from him but he continued to search out the window.

The stone crept to his stomach, and he ached with pain. The stone was now moving rapidly up his body. He could no longer move his arms or neck. His mouth turned to stone but his eyes kept ticking back and forth.

Just as the Lord’s eyes found the olive grove his nose turned to stone. His whole body was almost completely engulfed but his eyes quickly scanned the dozens of olive trees in the grove.

It was there, amongst the twisted and gnarled bark that Lord McGanzer saw a flash of iridescent color. It was the long colorful tail of a mythical creature. Lord McGanzer was not able to smile, raise his hands in glory or call to his people, but he had seen a mythical creature! Lord McGanzer probably was not the first, and unfortunately he will probably not be the last.

As soon as his eyes caught glimpse of the iridescent tail, he blinked and then they too were instantly turned to stone. His eyes to be closed forever. Lord McGanzer was now as cold and grim as the stonewalls in the small tower room. The light continued to flood through the window but it no longer illuminated the jewels on his robe. There were no more vibrant colors of red, yellow and green dancing on the walls. But there in the beautiful garden, tucked amongst the twisted and gnarled olive trees lay the mythical creatures, sleeping.


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