Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Smile Goes A Long Way

In my freshman psychology class I remember our professor telling us of a case study about smiling. There were two sample audiences, one audience was told to frown and cross their arms and the other was told to smile while they were both told a series of jokes.

The audience that was told to smile laughed more and found the jokes to be funnier then the audience who was frowning. Ah ha!

Hostel in Chile

Before I got to the farm I was convinced that I had romanticized this whole experience. Surly I would spend my days running through tall seas of grass blowing in the wind, a basket full of chicken eggs in my hand, fresh pies in the window, long pigtail braids and red bonnets...

And well, it is kinda like that.

Avana in the hoop house

For the most part, our team works as a fine oiled machine, weeding, harvesting, and planting. However, sometimes the days are long and the complaints are flying. Where are the smiles at then?

4 Day Solo in Barlioche, Argentina

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to smile when barbed wire slices your arm, your genital region is sweating incessantly and your foot is soaked because your rubber boot has a hole. Yesterday while chopping down the Devil’s plant (bull and Canadian thistle) David and I had a great conversation about the power of little things, like smiles. How could you not smile when your arm is bleeding, your underwear needs to be changed and your foot is water logged? I’m dead serious. This is exactly what I signed up for and I love it. There isn’t anywhere else I would want to be, and…

I have been giggling now more then ever.

It’s odd, having graduated college and all, I feel that the ceremony should have been some kind of passage into adulthood. But you know, I feel like I may be regressing back into a more child like state instead of growing up. Whatever the situation actually is, the fun is just now beginning. And the smiles are free.

Smiling in Patagonia


At June 29, 2010 at 1:44 PM , Blogger Mass Specubation said...

While reading this giggles were almost coming out of my ears while I tried to stop eruptions of laughter. Ahh, I'm so glad you started blogging, it fills up my "Julie Reservoir" just enough to keep my foot on the gas.

It's so funny you bring up the effects of the smile. The past two weeks I have left the house armed with one, knowing that almost every person I come across will have their ears-budded, their fingers texting, or eyes glued to newspapers. My commute to work is painful, only because people are so removed from each other, yet physically so close that they could kiss.

I try to make my smiles intentional, and You're really good at that. You're really great at not complaining too. I must say, that I definitely did not romanticize the farm before visiting it. I was actually really worried for you and Avana. I talked to my mom about it a couple times, and she said that no matter what you two would make the most of it. And honestly, after experiencing just a glimpse of your work, social, natural environment I was pretty jealous! It's very romantic.

Please continue the posts so we can live vicariously through you! <3


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