Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paparazzi... and I'm not talking about Lady Gaga.

I will admit that since I moved up to Sunrise Ranch I have grown a little soft spot for Lady Gaga*, but this post aint 'bout hur! 

I just got a new digital camera to compliment my decision of entering the wonderful world of the blogosphere. I have been taking pictures left and right and capturing all the beautiful faces around me. Here are a few:

Yesterday Sheldon and I went to Snake Lake, a little secret spot in Fort Collins, for a swim. I'm training for a triathlon... and I think my swimming could use a little more help. Tips?
Avana grew up in Fort Collins, but yesterday was her first time at Snake Lake. It's just that secret... and snakey. Although I have yet to see a snake there with my own two eyes.   

Biking around Fort Collins on my day off. 

Creeping outside Daniel's house, waiting for Avana and Daniel to arrive.

This is a true paparazzi shot. This is where Avana and I live. The Gables. One of the oldest houses on the property. This was taken this morning at roughly 6:25 on our way to the garden.

David and Alisha harvested some tasty carrots today. Check out David's blog, he's keeping a good account of what's going on at the farm.

Our peas are off the hook! We harvested 20 lbs. today. Hey you know why we use "lbs." as an abbreviation for pounds? winky face* A little trivia for you.

The coolest farm manager ever. I think since I have Carhart overalls and a fanny pack too, I now have equally cool status as Sylvan. Now I just need a pair of glasses with glass lens. 

Doesn't Alisha's find look just like a coodie? What a great picture. This gal is beautiful.   

Me milking the peas... I haven't ever milked a cow before, but if I had to imagine I would say it's probably a little far off from picking peas, but who really knows. Milk come from the grocery store, not an animal.

Another great day. Tomorrow 5 of our cattle are going to be "harvested." Thats an emotionally sensitive way of saying slaughtered. 

Until next time.

*For those of you who where disappointed that this post didn't highlight more of Lady Gaga, here is an uplifting video of an aspiring little Lady Gaga. If this doesn't bring a tear to your eyes, I don't know what does.



At July 2, 2010 at 7:38 AM , Blogger RedFreckles said...

Ok I was in the wrong sign in name. This is my blog one. I love that you're blogging! It's fun huh? Sounds like a great summer you've got ahead! Go to my profile and find my blog! And my mom's and John's.


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